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Paper Waste


Project: Natural Biomass to Graphite Carbon
This graphitic carbon solution is created in Carba's low energy proprietary reactors. The graphitic carbon is then permanently buried in a Carba Carbon Vault™

This engineered-based low energy carbon dioxide removal solution begins with the collection of natural biomass (nutshell, hull, corn, wood, etc.) which is then converted through the Carba reactor, and sequestered deep underground.

Paper Waste


Product: CO2 Removal Solutions 
From permanent graphitic carbon stored for 1,000s of years, to regenerative pyrolysis generating soil carbon that is buried in the earth for 100s of years.

These solutions begin with natural biomass (nutshell, hull, corn, etc.) which is converted into graphitic carbon for permanent sequestration or used as a soil amendment and sequestered in soils for a semi-permanent solution that improves soil and plant health. 


Engineered Reduction  
As more organizations and individuals engage in reducing and removing their greenhouse gas emissions, the availability of offsets and permanent removal will become more and more limited. Reach out today to meet with Carba's strategic planning team to map your one time or contract buying schedule.