About Us

We Specialize in Low Energy Permanent Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) for B2B

With our advancement in carbon sequestration technology 
Carba is working with engaged stakeholders to solve the climate crisis.
We plan to capture and sequester a Gigatonne of Carbon per year by 2032.


Our Approach


Permanent removal of large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere. To assist our customers in their journey to net-negative through the creation of thousands of CDR projects around the world, and high-value offtake agreements.  

At Carba we convert agricultural waste into graphitic carbon/torrefied biomass for permanent burial. We are on track to remove 1 billion t/yr of CO2 by 2032.

Swift impact through immediate actions coupled with long-term
contracts to combat climate change is our focus. 


Meet The Founders

Carba's reactor technology is the culmination of Dr. Andrew Jones and Prof. Paul Daunhauer's 30+ years of shared passion for alternative energy, catalysis, and innovation. Utilizing advances in modeling, design, and monitoring equipment, the team has developed a modular reactor system that improves performance, efficiency and reduces cost.